Meet Katherine

Katherine Stokes -Shafer, APLD

Kathy has a bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Moore College of Art, and a Landscape Design Degree from Temple University. She is a Certified Member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. She has taught landscape design, lectured and has worked over 25 years as a designer.

In the last several years she has expanded her creative talent by taking up painting. It is her belief that all creative endeavors use the same design principles whether it is cooking, architecture, or dance etc. Kathy wanted to explore these design principles through her paintings, “ The fun of starting a new creative medium (acrylics, oils) is the exploration of the materials, colors, forms, textures and one’s self.” Many of her paintings are inspired by images seen on trips. Inspiration can occur anywhere: A reflection in a glass block, people resting, light on a tree or flower, looking down on people crossing a cross walk – like notes on a staff of music, and a pealing poster on a wall in Berlin. As an artist she continues to push herself to try new ways of expressing herself.



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